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Boundaries Can Kill You (tiny article)

Any science, any discipline, any exploration; not one of them can truly call itself what it claims to be if it accepts boundaries.

See image in my personal, photography portfolio.

As a scientist I wouldn't dare glorify myself by claiming I found the only solution. As an artist I don't fill myself with pride by pretending that my art is more important than anyone else's. As a teacher and a Dad I can't limit my students or my daughter by pretending I am infallible. And yet here we are, often listening to people who are just as broken as we are; the ones who claim they can prove something is not real after stopping in the very first layers of exploration.

Many specific people who are scientists, teachers, investigative journalists, artists and religious types; they once set out to relentlessly prove that Christian faith is not a real thing. That includes me. But, in fact, no one has ever been able to disprove the existence of God and Christ. And those of us who do not accept boundaries; when we set ourselves up to explore something, we end up finding truth, even if we're not prepared for the truth we find. The rewards far outweigh any worry of how we look in the mirror or in the window.

Comfort is a worldly and temporary thing. Our relationship with Christ is forever.

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