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The Reality of the Screen (Article)

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Having been an electronics engineer, a father, a teacher and a minister; I can tell you that screens carry an inherent danger. It doesn’t mean you or your kids should never use them, it just means you should use extreme caution when using, presenting and lending them to younger folks. I didn’t just say “caution”, I said “extreme caution”.

From a technical, electronics standpoint; every screen in existence emits radiation. And even though that radiation is intended to be in the form of light, it’s never just light. Without getting too “geek” on you, I’ll say this; screens give off all sorts of different types of electromagnetic frequencies and other energies. They HAVE BEEN PROVEN in verifiable studies to cause sleep loss, fight-or-flight response and to work strongly and directly against our social intelligence. Most of them were never investigated or intended before being cast onto the human body. Quite simply put; they are as unnatural as the oddball chemicals that go into our junk foods and they cause physical, psychological and spiritual damage.

While continuing efforts are being made to keep the side effects to a minimum, those who engineer the devices and apps that run them have not been able to do more than slap on a few bandaids. While things like night shades and time reports now exist, they don’t address the overall physics of what leaves the screen and literally touches our bodies.

We saw the possibility of creating shiny things that do cool stuff, but no one ever made safety nearly as much of a priority as getting them out, getting them in use and, all too often, collecting the cash.

We are nowhere near understanding and controlling the effects of our technology to the point of considerable safety. In fact, IF that ever happens, IF the devices we use in every day life ever become that safe, that time is so far off that you, I and at least the next few generations will never see it.

This leaves us with just a few safety nets; careful introduction of devices, a brave new form of moderation and the ability to balance them with much more natural, God-given activities.


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