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Beware of Polished, But Unfinished Opinion

As a minister, everything I publish goes in to public forum. That way people can respond and challenge what I post. Many atheists, agnostics, satanists, wiccans, pagans, etc do either the opposite, or respond in angry or undiplomatic ways. Why? Because we have God's laws written on our hearts. Those laws echo through every aspect of life whether we actively live with them or deny them for the sake of convenience. It's hard to face the reality that many of our behaviors go against the way we were designed to operate. But it's no more of an insult than my car's manual telling me, if I don't put the right type of oil in the engine I'll break it. And yet we continue to justify doing wrongful things.

Simply put; facing and fixing our faults is hard while justification is easy. So when an article is posted that says it's best to be agnostic, with no way to comment, I sense fear; the fear of being told there's a better way to live and die, but it requires change. Some welcome that kind of criticism, some don't.

The man who wrote the following article is a good writer, but here's the potential problem with good writing; it can sound like authority while stoping short of truth, especially when he makes a statement like: "I have examined the evidence for Christianity, and I find it unconvincing." I'm sorry sir, but no, you haven't. The reality is, if you don't extensively test a Biblical lifestyle, you'll never know if your views are unfinished. And here's another part of that reality; no one has ever invited Christ into their life completely and gone back. I didn't say partly. I didn't say as an experiment. I didn't say while making the common mistake of believing there are multiple ways to get to God and I didn't say until faith was tested. I said completely.

So if you'd like to see the polished, but unfinished opinion I'm talking about:

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